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Eddie de Beer
Eddie_web_ACAn English and Latin teacher by training, his qualifications include a Bachelors and Masters degree (General Linguistics – University of Stellenbosch, South Africa), Higher Education Diploma (University of South Africa) and Diploma in Educational Leadership (CAIS Leadership Institute).  He has served for several years as an Administrator; both in his native South Africa and in Canada.  As Principal Education Specialist in South Africa, he was responsible for a number of secondary schools and adult centres during the time of transition to a post-apartheid education system.  He joined Mulgrave School in 1999, directed the development of the Middle and Senior Schools, and led the school through the implementation of the IB Diploma Programme.  Formerly a Deputy Head, Director of Education Technology and Global Outreach Coordinator, Eddie is the founder and head of Think3r Education.  He is also the co-founder and chair of the Board of directors at Alcuin College for the Liberal Arts. You can follow @edteach3r on Twitter.

Stella Ablett
An experienced mathematics and science educator, her qualifications include Bachelor degrees (B Sc and B Ed – University of British Columbia) and a Masters degree in Mathematics Education (Simon Fraser University).  She taught with the Vancouver School Board for 14 years before joining Mulgrave School in 2004.  Her administrative experience includes responsibilities as Principal of the Senior School and Assistant Head, Academics with overview of the three IB programmes from Kindergarten through to grade 12.  She has also worked with the BC Ministry of Education on various curriculum and assessment committees and has co-authored several mathematics textbooks in use across British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba.  Stella is Head of School at Alcuin College for the Liberal Arts, as well as Principal Consultant of Teach3r Consulting which specialises in school management, educational planning and school setup, curriculum and programme development, educational technology trends and risk management.  You can follow Stella on Twitter @saeducat3.

IMG_0882cwApart from being a successful high-performance athlete, Betsie has a love of art and writing.  Not only does she enjoy composition in a formal or creative context, she is a prolific blogger.  The writing on her blog bears testimony of her developing skill, as well as her keen sense of observation and artistry. Betsie might just turn out to be teacher after all: “For as long as I can remember, I have always loved working with people. As a child I always pretended to be a teacher in front of a whole crowd of dolls and stuffed animals. Surprisingly, even today my love for kids and people in general has not subsided at all”. When not living and breathing ‘volleyball’, Betsie49 can be found on her blog btheword | Amity in Ink.

Jan de Beer
A poet, writer, artist and philosopher, Jan S. de Beer was born in Africa and now lives in Canada. Although he began Grade 1 in South Africa, the rest of his elementary and secondary schooling was completed at a technologically forward-thinking private school in British Columbia, Canada.  His sense of humour,  contagious laughter, and dedication to humanity and religion are his trademarks.  He is currently pursuing a BA Honours with Specialisation in Classics (i.e. the Classical Latin and Ancient Greek languages) at the University of Ottawa.  Jan recently started up his own student publication, The Resource, which he initiated, writes, edits, publicises and distributes on his own.  You can find Jan on Twitter @AfrikanCanadian.

Tony Macoun
Tony started his illustrious career in 1967 when he spent two years as an administrator in the New Hebrides (now Vanuatu) in the South Pacific.  He first introduced the International Baccalaureate (IB) in 1975 at Ashbury College in Ottawa, where he was a Geography teacher and then became the IB coordinator. He was appointed Headmaster of Ashbury in 1981 and, subsequently in 1986, Director of Pearson United World College in British Columbia. He served on the Board of IB North America and was President for three years.

In 1993, he worked for the IB as Regional Director for Africa/Middle East based in Cardiff.  He became the founding Rektor of the Red Cross Nordic United World College in Norway in 1994. Returning to Canada in 2000, he took up the position of Head of Strathcona-Tweedsmuir School in Alberta where both the IB Diploma Programme (DP) and the Primary Years Programme (PYP) were introduced. Tony was the head of Mulgrave School from 2004 until his retirement in 2010.

Today, Tony and Ann Macoun reside on beautiful Vancouver Island with their two dogs Tanna and Pippin, their 3 children and their families, including 5 grandchildren.  Tony’s son, Phil (@pmacoun and Tech Ed-dy), a teacher at Aspengrove School, recently hosted a groundbreaking, international, online workshop on Authentic Global Collaboration.

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